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Birthplace: Columbia
Date of Birth: February 2, 1977

Shakira Nude: Shakira's Pre-Fame Fuck!

Shakira's whenever, wherever ass was shaking right in front of me. Of course, I had no idea THEN that she was going to be such a mega star. To me she was just another easy lay - a star struck girl who would do anything to get to the top. These star-fuck girls, as my friends in the biz and I call them, are like putty in our hands. They are so focussed on success that they are almost entranced, and so easy to manipulate.

Take Shakira, she had convinced herself that it was her idea to fuck me, that she wanted to do it. But I am under no illusions. I get to fuck gorgeous girls because of my position as a record company executive. If it wasn't for that, the bitches wouldn't give me the time of day! So I fuck them without remorse.

Shakira was talented even then. I mean you could see it, but kids can go either way. It's a slippery slope to true success. I should have known from the way she fucked that she would go all the way to the top. She certainly held nothing back in sex, the girl was a wild fuck all right.

I remember her stripping off her leather pants, and lowering her moist dewy pussy onto my mouth. She tasted like fruit, and I sucked eagerly on her bud. I'd thought she might be a virgin, but she was way too confident for that. She rubbed her cunt on my face, grinding her clit against my nose, spreading her fat puffy labia lips over me, wiping my face with her pussy juice. As she started to cum, her pelvis pumped on my face, almost suffocating me and she screamed out so loud, I thought the hotel staff would come running to our door.


She wasn't a stopper either. She went straight down on me, twisting round in the saddle, and lowering herself onto me again, 69-fashion. Her engorged cunt hovered above me, and I squeezed and toyed with her curvaceous ass as she gobbled my cock. She was wild all right. She ate my cock like a piece of juicy meat, sucking on the shaft and massaging my balls with her hands, even letting a finger press up against my asshole. She made sure she used her soft lips and sucked really good, but she wouldn't swallow my load. She pulled off as I was coming and wanked my cock letting my cum spray in her face and hair!

We continued the sex in the shower, and couldn't stop. Tumbling back out onto the bed, she sat astride my cock, and we fucked really hard, with her gyrating on my stalk and tossing her long mane of golden hair. I got the full view of her gorgeous teen ass, bouncing and squeezing as she rode up and down on my cock. When I ejaculated again deep inside her, she clamped her tight pussy walls on my cock so she feel every throb of my cock spurting jizz inside her...

I got Shakira nude many times before I gave her the contract she wanted. She earned it the old-fashioned way: by fucking! ...I love my job!

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