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Pamela Denise Anderson Lee
Birthplace: Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Birth: 1 July 1967

Remember when YOU fucked Pamela Anderson nude?

It had been a long day at the nude photo-shoot, and Pamela Anderson was looking forward to getting home, and being with her family.

It had been a three day shoot, but the photographer wanted to extend it by a few more days. She phoned her baby sitter, and her boyfriend, and settled down in the hotel room.

There was nothing on the T.V that night, so putting on her swimsuit she went down to the Hotel's pool. There was no one else around, as she lowered herself into the pool that evening.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps, and someone jumped into the pool beside her. You surfaced a few feet from her, spitting water, the water shining on your muscled body. Clearing your eyes, you looked over at Pamela Anderson and slid towards her.

In a state of shock, Pamela didn't react as you pulled her in against your body, thrusting your groin against her. You kissed her on the lips and she felt herself growing aroused and she responded hungrily.

Feeling horny, she reached into your swimming trunks and grasped your swelling cock. You pulled off her bikini and yanked her bikini panties off. Pamela Anderson naked in the hotel pool with a man she had never met. This thought really turned her on and she couldn't help wondering whether you could equal Tommy Lee's massive boner. As she looked down at your thick veiny cock, it didn't disappoint. It was thick as her arm and curved up like a scimitar. She couldn't wait for that to start hitting her G-spot. 

You fingered her pussy with one hand while squeezing her massive tits with the other. It felt really good.

Pamela Anderson dropped to her knees, and her tits floated on the surface of the water. She placed your throbbing cock into her cleavage and pressed her tits together around it. You grinned as you began to pump and tit-fuck her. Your cock was so big that it was bumping into her face as it emerged from the top of her cleavage. Pamela opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, so that your cock could poke up and touch her tongue.

Savagely you moved up and forwards, thrusting your big hard cock into her mouth. Pamela was startled and then felt spasms of pleasure rippling through her shaved pussy. Her mouth was stretched wide by your monster cock, but it felt and tasted so good that she really wanted to swallow your cum.

You didn't disappoint either. Holding onto her bleached blonde head, you mouth-fucked her, feeling your balls tighten as the orgasm spread through you and you shot load after load of salty cum into her eager mouth.

You looked down in bliss at the picture of Pamela Anderson nude before you. What a picture it made!

Images of what you were going to do to Pamela next surged into your mind. You wanted to do to her what Tommy Lee had done to her in the famous Pam & Tommy honeymoon video. You wanted to fuck her and be sucked by her like in that Pam & Brett Michaels video you'd seen at The Nude Celebrity Hardcore Club.

As she licked the last of your cum from her lips, Pamela Anderson floated seductively on her back and spread her legs wide, exposing that perfectly fuckable pussy. "Yes, sweetheart, I am coming in there..." you thought to yourself and with your cock hard as a steel girder in you came for the best suck and fuck experience of your life!

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