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Britney Spears
Birthplace: Kentwood, Louisiana, U.S.A.
Date of Birth: December 2nd 1981

How I got very lucky and found Britney Spears nude in my bed and wanting to fuck...

Britney Spears was naked in my bed. She smiled up at me and invited my eyes to feast on her naked body. 'Oh my God! Britney Spears nude - in my bed!' My mind was doing back-flips at how incredible this all was. I mean, of course I had fantasized this moment. I had seen Britney Spears nude in my bed a thousand times before. I had jerked-off to the thought of Britney naked, her tits thrusting up at me, her legs parting and offering me a taste of that sweet virgin pussy. But how did that thought, that fantasy of Britney naked, suddenly become real? There she was. Her glossy lips parting, her pearly teeth teasing into a smile, delighting in my sense of wonder and enjoyment.

"Do you like what you see?" Britney teased, caressing her erect nipple with her left hand, while her right hand rubbed her clit. "I see you've got all my posters!" Her breaths were starting to catch now as her pleasure got greater. She was turned on by her brazeness. She could tell I was shocked.

There they were - the sexy Britney Spears posters on the wall - Britney Spears photos I had sent away for - the Britney Spears nude pics I had gotten from the internet at the Celebrity Hardcore Club at I blushed as I noticed she was following my eyes.

"'Britney Spears Nude! Britney Spears Blowjob!' Oh my god, you've got all my x-rated stuff, you naughty boy!" Britney laughed, reading the captions on the nude pics, her beautiful flace flushing with excitement.

My cock throbbed against the seam of my jeans, as I gazed down at this pop-star goddess, THE ONE AND ONLY BRITNEY SPEARS masturbating for me in my very own bed. Her suckable fingers were gliding in her own sex juices now, stirring her cunt like some sea flower. As she peeled back her labia, exposing that shiny fuck hole, Britney giggled and then moaned with pleasure as her body shook with the first of the many orgasms she was going to have that night.

"Ohhhhh wow, that's better, I'm just starting to relax now ... " Britney Spears lips were mesmerising as she talked. "So now you've got Britney Spears nude, butt-na-ked in your bedroom, what are you going to do with me?" She giggled again, and squeezed her tits together and then pulled on her nipples. It seemed to turn her on even more. As for me I was almost cumming in my pants!

"Why don't you take your clothes off and join me?" Me and Britney Spears nude? Together! That sounded like the plan of my dreams.

"I just can't believe you are here!" I managed to stammer as I pulled off my T-shirt and kicked of my Nikes in one movement. She sat up on the bed, her breasts boucing invitingly as she moved, and grabbed at my waistband. Pulling me in she kissed my nipples and belly and tugged the top button of my jeans; they all popped open and my boner thrust forward. I was momentarily embarrassed as Britney gazed at the wet patch forming in my Calvin Kleins. I needn't have worried, she clearly liked it.

Britney Spears undressed me quicker than you could ever imagine. He hands squeezed my butt and - oh God this was great! - she took my cock straight in her mouth and sighed with happiness as she licked and slurped my pre-cum. It was like she thought it was candy or something. It was kind of cool, how she liked the taste and all. I worry about things like that. But clearly Britney Spears liked to swallow!! I was in with a grin!

As those lips sank down over my shaft - I couldn't help but think of all the Britney Spears videos I had seen her in time after time. The unforgettable, Oops, I did it again, Slave and Not Yet A Woman. Not yet a woman? Fuck, she was the woman I wanted. Fresh. Beautiful. Naked. Britney Spears nude in my bed! How blessed am I??

Oh god, you should have felt it! It was awesome. My balls were groaning with pleasure. I was kind of intrigued at how Britney Spears got so good at giving blowjobs. Then I remembered the Britney Spears blowjob video that I had seen at the Celebrity Hardcore Club over at If you haven't seen the Britney Spears blowjob video get over to now. It's really the best thing on the Net. Just look for the links in the member area for Britney Spears blowjob. They have all the other Britney Spears nude photos and video clips too, like the Britney Spears pussy flash interview, the Britney Spears nipple slip video, Britney Spears topless sunbathing, Britney Spears see-thru outfits that show her tits and tons of other great nude Celebrity stuff.

The Britney Spears blowjob video was supposed to have been taken backstage at an Nsync concert back in the early days when Britney was supporting them. I don't know if that's true or not. However, you can see Britney Spears nude and giving two guys a blowjob. That's right Britney Spears giving two guys a blowjob. The sight of Britney Spears getting a cum-facial as she sucks and wanks these two cocks into her face is just awesome. Dude you gotta see it!

Think that is awesome, well, you should have felt what it was like. Britney was cupping my nuts in her hand and doing long licking strokes of her pink tongue up my rock-hard shaft and flicking my helmet, teasing the jizz-eye. I looked down at her, my idol, my dream babe sucking me off. Britney's cheeks were wet with my cum already. Her gorgeous sparkling eyes were flashing with desire, taunting me, begging me to cum in her mouth.

She didn't need to beg. I couldn't hold on any longer. My cock spasmed and throbbed, spurting hot cum into her mouth. She moaned with happiness, as she swallowed down my cock, and rubbed me off as more cum spurted into her face and over her tits! I'd just given Britney Spears a cum-facial! Ha hah hah! I'd just come over Britney Spears nude body.

I collapsed on the bed, as she rubbed my cum onto her tits, sliding around her pert mounds and moisturising her big nipples with my nut juice. But then suddenly she was getting up and standing astride. There are few sights more beautiful than a beautiful naked girl towering over you. But when it's Britney Spears nude and standing over you - my god that qualifies as one of the 7 Wonders of the World! That image is now burned into my mind. I'll never forget it.

"My turn now!" Britney smiled, her hand teasing open her pussy lips again. She sank down towards me. I strained me head up, unable to wait. I wanted that cunt in my mouth now. So did she. She lowered her pussy onto my expectant tongue and quivered as I licked, flicked and probed her clitoris. " Alright dude! Britney Spears gets cunnilingus at my house! Now there's a headline for you!" I laughed inwardly as I tasted her sweet, musky juices on my tongue. God,  she had got me hard again already!

She was pressing her sweet twat down against me. I was wild for it - a faceful of Britney Spears pussy - who wouldn't be! I rubbed my face into her cunt, using my nose to open her up, coating my face with the love-juice of the hottest popstar in the world. She was panting and moaning, flicking her hips faster and faster, clutching her tits one moment then gripping my head and driving it harder against her slit the next. I sucked at her mound, her cum was flowing liberally. It was like years of pent up sexual frustration was being released at one go. Thanks fuck for me she had just split up with Justin Timberlake!

I nibbled on her clit with my lips and then flicked it back and forth with my tongue, while my finger hooked deep in her vagina rubbing her G-Spot. It was a trick I'd learnt reading the ebooks at - the one called: Tongue Kung Fu - the Art of Eating Pussy! She loved it and started screaming with pleasure. Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes!

Britney gave this amazing shriek that made my body bliss out as she started cumming, her warm juices spurting over my face. I thought at first that Britney Spears was pissing on me, until I tasted the sweetness and realised I'd really hit the spot and she was squirting female ejaculation! Yummy -Yum Yum! I gobbled at her pussy, I'm embarrassed to say, it seemed almost sacriligious not to suck up every drop of that pure pussy juice. She gripped my head as I licked deep into her cunny, and over her thighs, and over her lower abdomen.

We slumped into each others arm. Me naked. Britney Spears naked. Covered in each others cum. And we cuddled and chatted as you do. I still couldn't get over the sense of the miraculous, that here I was in bed with Britney Spears and she was butt-naked.

We went to the bathroom and showered together. It started off innocently enough but as we took turns soaping each other up, Britney got that look in her eye again, and my dick was harder than a US steel pipe! She turned her back to me and leant close to the wall, parting her legs and offering her ass up to me. I shuddered at the pure fantastic vision of that perfect butt, the cheeks so perfectly proportioned. I sank to my knees and kissed and nibbled her ass cheeks as the hot shower water cascaded over us. Her gash was a deep pink and the lips were still peeled open like a fresh fig from the earlier session. I stood up and manouevred to thrust my cock into Britney's pussy.

"No, not there ... Here!" She whispered, reaching round with both hands to part her butt-cheeks.

As Janice in 'Friends' would say: OH-MY-GOD! Britney Spears nude, in my shower, and she wanted me to fuck her up the ass!

"Is this how she keeps her virginity label intact?" I thought cynically for a moment... but that passed as my cock neared that perfect pink anal star. Her anus was like a tight rose bud. I noticed that she had been really soaping herself up down there before. I like that anyway in a girl. Cleanliness. It makes all the oral stuff so much easier. I don't like to taste last night's curry on a girl's twat and I certainly don't want the smell or taste of you know what round at the backdoor. But I like anal sex, and clearly Britney Spears liked anal sex too.

As I thrust my cock into her ass cheeks, I felt that delicious burn as I nudged up into the "egg cup" as I call it. That delicious space up against her anus, that seems to hug your knob, as her butt-cheeks grip you in their soft bouncy fleshiness. Thrusting against her, I reached round and squeezed Britney's tits, she turned her head and we French kissed. Me and Britney Spears French Kissing - another landmark moment in my life!!

"Deeper!" She whispered urgently, as her hand went to work against her cherry again. I pressed my hips forward and the tip of my cock strained against her anus. Suddenly it gave way and I surged into that tight space. Slowly I worked my boner in and out, coating her butt-hole with my cum lubricant. She squealed and flexed her ass, gripping my cock hard - oh it felt so damn good! Kneading her tits with my hands, I fucked her good and as I started to cum so did she. She pulled me out of her and wanked me off over ass and just between her butt-cheeks.

I rubbed my cum over Britney Spears ass, almost like I was marking territory or planting a flag on a mountain that had never been climbed before. It felt like a significant moment. I don't know if I was the first. She implied I was. But judging at her assured performance, I have my doubts. But then she is a performer.

And besides, who gives a fuck? I had Britney Spears nude in my bedroom and had an incredible night of sex. How she arrived there and how she went remain a mystery to me. I guess her security guys whisked her in and out. She had picked me out when I got backstage at her concert. Thank God Mandi, my best pal, was ill that day or I'd have never got the backstage pass. Mandi's jealous as hell. She's a lesbian (but I 'm working on her!) and runs a web fanzine for Britney and she had always fantasised about interviewing Britney for her zine and getting off with her. I told her Mariah Carey's the one who's into lesbian sex.

My lovely Britney Spears nude body told me she likes cock - 100%!

Well, that's my story. Take it anyway you want. I'm just a very, very lucky guy and I thought I should share my story with you. Hope you are getting some too.

All the best,

Britney's Mr Lover Lover

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